January 5, 2023

Qnovo Partners with Vanderhall Motor Works to Improve Electric Vehicle Range, Fast Charging, and Safety

Qnovo, the market leader e-mobility battery management software that has raised more than $40M in funding, today...
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Nadim Maluf

Vanderhall will deploy Qnovo’s new SpectralX© Battery Management Software in its EVs globally, reducing charging times to nearly 20 minutes

LAS VEGAS, NV, January 5, 2023 -- Qnovo, the market leader e-mobility battery management software that has raised more than $40M in funding, today announced a strategic partnership with Vanderhall Motor Works (Vanderhall), a US manufacturer of light mobility vehicles. Vanderhall will utilize Qnovo’s new innovation for electrified mobility, SpectralX, in its electric vehicles in 2023. SpectralX is intelligent battery management system (BMS) software that uses predictive analytics to improve battery performance, EV range by up to 10 percent, and safety in all types of electric vehicles with any type of lithium-ion battery.

SpectralX is a software-only solution that works as a layer on top of a manufacturer's existing battery management system (BMS) with a minimal footprint. The addition of Qnovo’s Battery Genome© helps to automate the cell selection process, saving time in qualification to facilitate deployment of SpectralX in a matter of weeks on a vehicle. 

“Implementing Qnovo’s SpectralX BMS software in the Brawley, our all-electric side by side, was a no-brainer,” said Stephen Hall, CEO of Vanderhall. “It helps us provide a superior all-electric vehicle by optimizing and reducing charging times, extending range, and mitigating potential safety risks. We’re excited to deploy this solution in multiple all-electric vehicles that will be launching globally in upcoming years.”

Qnovo will be showing off the Vanderhall Brawley vehicle at CES 2023 from January 5-8 at Booth CP-7 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

“This partnership with Vanderhall builds on our work with the world’s leading mobility providers and represents a true vote of confidence from one of the EV industry’s most innovative players,” said Nadim Maluf, CEO and Co-Founder at Qnovo. “A major barrier in the widespread adoption of electric vehicles has been long charging times, range anxiety, and concerns around thermal events. Qnovo eradicates these issues and lays the foundations for mass EV adoption around the world, while significantly reducing carbon emissions by keeping batteries out of landfills for longer.” 

Introducing SpectralX© Battery Management Software

Qnovo’s SpectralX Charging enhances the performance, safety, fast charging, and predictive capabilities of any BMS. By augmenting battery chemistry with computation and learning software, Qnovo enables batteries to charge faster without compromising battery life, extends range through increased depth of discharge, and provides all-weather safe charging. 

Qnovo’s SpectralX Health and Safety goes beyond assessment capabilities to predictively identify cells that may be at risk of failure and recommend the rate of charge adjustment to mitigate the problems before they turn into safety hazards. It runs as a software layer over SpectralX Charging, combining adaptive charging and mitigation to deliver ultrafast charging without compromising safety, performance, or cycle life.

Qnovo SpectralX Services arms electric vehicle fleet management through on-vehicle and cloud-based applications. SpectralX Services deliver instantaneous and predictive state of battery through well-defined powertrain and cloud APIs to enhance on-vehicle and cloud applications. It provides: 

  1. Fleet-wide battery SOH to optimize operations 
  2. Safety monitoring to identify those vehicles with potential defective batteries 
  3. Projected remaining useful life of a battery to better plan lifecycle management 
  4. Predictive state of the battery to optimize route and load planning in real-time 

To learn more about Qnovo, visit booth CP-7 at the Las Vegas Convention Center at CES 2023 and follow Nadim Maluf’s CEO perspective at https://www.qnovo.com/blog.

About Qnovo

Qnovo is redefining the foundation of mobility and technology—the lithium-ion battery. Intelligent battery management software and predictive analytics improves the performance of electric vehicles, energy storage systems and consumer devices with enhanced health and safety. Since 2010, Qnovo has enabled the electrification revolution for a more resilient and mobile future. Qnovo is working with the world’s top automotive OEMs, holds over fifty patents in the space, and the first generation of Qnovo technology is on more than 150 million smartphones worldwide. The company is headquartered in Milpitas, California, and has raised over $40M in funding over four rounds by leading investors including BorgWarner, OGCI Climate Investments, Constellation Technology Ventures, BlueRun Ventures, U.S. Venture Partners and RockPort Capital. Visit www.qnovo.com.

About Vanderhall Motor Works, Inc.

Vanderhall Motor Works designs, engineers, and manufactures light mobility vehicles. The company’s off-road and on-road vehicles are sold through a network of dealers globally. For further information, visit vanderhallusa.com

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