February 19, 2019

Qnovo Launches Breakthrough Battery Health and Safety Platform; Aims to Eradicate Battery Failure Events

Builds on adaptive charging software that already reduces battery incidents by a factor of 100, while adding a year of healthy battery life
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Nadim Maluf

Qnovo’s new Health and Safety Platform comes with a companion app, allowing users to monitor health, safety and performance of their battery in real-time. (Photo: Business Wire)

NEWARK, February 19, 2019 Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Qnovo, the leading innovator of software to enhance battery performance, today announced the launch of its Battery Health and Safety Platform, which adds a safety intelligence layer to its adaptive charging software stack that is already in use in 50 million devices.  

The Battery Health and Safety Platform will make decisions and predictions about battery health and safety, combining chemical-level analysis with algorithms and computation to not only keep smartphone batteries healthier for longer, but also avoid potentially catastrophic battery failure events.  

Through a cloud management dashboard, smartphone manufacturers can analyze battery health of all their devices at once. This will allow a manufacturer to rapidly assess whether devices in public use are performing as expected - and will help manufacturers avoid failure events before they reach widespread scale.  

The Battery Health and Safety Platform is a new layer of software intelligence that builds on Qnovo’s adaptive charging software, which analyzes and diagnoses battery health in real time and adjusts battery charging accordingly. The adaptive charging software is in use in 50 million devices from leading manufacturers such as LG and Sony (full list of active devices can be found on Qnovo.com). In two years of real-world use, Qnovo’s software has demonstrated incredible results: battery life in devices that use Qnovo’s technology have added as much as a year of life to the battery while demonstrating an exceptional battery safety record.

“On the 50 million devices that use our adaptive charging software, 99.9999% will experience fantastic battery health and safety,” said Nadim Maluf, Qnovo CEO. “However, in our view, if even one battery in a million is failing, that is not good enough. Our Battery Health and Safety Platform is looking for the needle in the haystack. Similar to cybersecurity, battery health and safety is best managed through a layered, intelligent system where each new layer builds on, and is strengthened by, the layers beneath.”

The Battery Health and Safety Platform funnels battery data and metrics into a user-friendly digital dashboard, which allows a manufacturer or carrier to identify at-risk devices in the field while preserving the privacy of end users. Manufacturers will be able to provide consumers with clear indicators via alerts and a companion app, allowing them to monitor their battery health for overall performance and safety concerns.

About Qnovo
Qnovo is reinventing one of the most basic foundations of energy storage and mobility – the battery and how it is charged. Qnovo develops patented adaptive charging algorithms and battery data analytics that improve lifetime battery performance with enhanced health and safety. By augmenting battery chemistry with computation and learning software, Qnovo enables batteries to safely charge faster, with more daily use and longer lifespan. Learn more about lithium-ion batteries by following our blog.

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